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Christian Aid is an international development organisation that insists that the world can and must be changed to one where everyone can live a full life free from poverty and inequality.   In this task it has had over 70 years’ experience.   Alongside its many partner organisations it supports a variety of integrated development and humanitarian programmes in some 39 countries.   It is a faith based organisation but it operates on the basis of need, irrespective of religion, race, caste or gender.   It campaigns for open, accountable government, inclusive markets, climate change adaptation, access to health and other essential services, peace and reconciliation.

Natural or man-made emergencies get top priority whenever and wherever they occur and there are about 8 such emergencies that command Christian Aid’s attention at the moment (South Sudan, Nigeria, East African refugees, drought and food shortages in Malawi, for example).   Action on behalf of refugees fleeing long term international conflict has been a major focus of attention ever since 1945.   We supported the appeal on behalf of Syrian refugees now in camps in the Balkans last October and continued emergency relief is still being sent to Afghan refugees in Greece.

Climate change is now a major strategic priority, especially in Bangla Desh where flooding has become an almost annual danger, and in parts of East Africa subject to drought.   Last year’s campaign to help flood victims in Bangla Desh saw impressive success as many poor families were rehoused and enabled to start now thriving small businesses.  Other notable recent successes include the recovery of the island of Haiti from earthquake damage and a similar recovery in Nepal, the containment of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, improvements in farming techniques in Malawi following severe drought and crop failure.

So in this Diamond Jubilee year for Christian Aid there will as usual be hundreds if not thousands of volunteer supporters who during the May Christian Aid week will walk door to door to collect funds on behalf of the hungry, the thirsty and the sick.   These volunteers refuse to turn a blind eye to suffering.   Their objective is to see that all may be liberated.

During Christian Aid Week last year (2016), 6 local participating churches in Maghull & Lydiate raised £5106 on behalf of the organisation.

If you love craft projects take a look at the information below and see if you can help Christian Aid create a wonderful quilt.