In May 2018 we said goodbye to Dr Ruth Hulser after almost 15 years supporting Ruth and her work as a Doctor at St Philip’s Health Centre in Tabora Tanzania.  It was a privilege to know Ruth and witness what she achieved.  Ruth left CMS and returned to the UK although her parents & family are at home in Germany.  Ruth has not lost contact with the Clinic for she not only developed the Health Centre & Hospital medically & structurally, she also did much more; for example, including ‘raising’ a community family, fostered and adopted two children, farmed, grew crops, and built water reservoirs.  Thank you Ruth.

Then on the 8th August 2018 we met with our new CMS Mission Partner, Lynn Treneary who visited St Andrew’s Church to introduce herself to us, and we to her.  Lynn gave a talk of her calling to CMS and hence to South Sudan and her work.  Below, you can learn more about Lynn and read her previous Link Letters.  Lynn is a local person from Southport.

Lynn Treneary – South Sudan –   Maridi has suffered from more than 50 years of civil war within Sudan and South Sudan. Education, social services and healthcare are scarce. Life is tough but most people have faith. People in Maridi gain strength from being reminded that they are a loved part of the global Church of Christ. I hope my presence reassures them of this. My role is teaching English at Chaima Christian Institute. Chaima is a shining light in a troubled place and needs help with its development. I aim to be loving and active member of the community and Church.

Call – To encourage and strengthen the people in Maridi through faith and love to live out their lives as sons and daughters of the most high God through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Role – Teaching English at Chaima Christian Institute and serving the Church in various ways, such as accompanying the evangelist teams and the Mothers’ Union.

Read more about Lynn Treneary – I am mother to two daughters and hail from Southport, Merseyside. I met Jesus as a young child but I did not become a committed church member until I was 40 and living in Alford, Aberdeenshire. That’s when Jesus started to put my life together. Through serving with children’s ministry, Alpha courses and at New Wine weeks I learned how to come close to God.
While attending Christ Church, Southport I met Trisha Wick, who was serving with Church Mission Society in Maridi. I felt God might be calling me to go there. After prayer and confirmation, I went out in 2011 and knew I was doing what God wanted me to do, in the right place and at the right time.
I visited CMS to see about being a short-term missionary in 2013, following advice from my vicar. When I met the CMS team, they felt like family. They have a wealth of wisdom and knowledge on cross-cultural mission. While I was serving short-term, Maridi was hit by civil war. The support I received from CMS enabled me to be a blessing. I was able to encourage the Church, attend the wounded and distribute aid. I did not hesitate to apply to be in long-term mission after that and now through CMS I have many partners in the Church who are praying for Maridi and for me.


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