Dr Ruth Hulser in Tabora, Tanzania

The Society was founded in Aldersgate Street in the City of London on 12 April 1799 by a group of activist evangelical Christians including William Wilberforce MP. The founders of CMS were committed to three great enterprises: abolition of the slave trade, social reform at home. and world evangelisation.  CMS is one of several Christian Charities supported by St Andrew’s Church through which we maintain contact with our Church Mission Link Partner Dr Ruth Hulser; a Stevenage GP who is employed to work by CMS as a doctor at St Philip’s Health Centre in the Diocese of Tabora Tanzania. Ruth helps run it and organise outreach clinics as well as a holistic community project, reaching out to people with specific needs.

Dr Ruth Hulser

 Ruth went to Tanzania as a single person looking forward to new experiences. God has brought her a long way since she first got there in 1996 and now fosters a son and daughter. She has also taken in their grandmother, who is frail and can no longer survive in the bush. Plus, through Familia Moja, she has many grannies, children, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts. Ruth feels incredibly rich and blessed by God as children, dogs, rabbits and chicken tumble around her feet and she works with a fantastic group of caring, dedicated people, who make all the marvelous developments around her possible.

Ruth became part of the Church Mission Society because their vision and hers coincided: seeing a world in need of the redeeming love of Christ. CMS’s 200 years of experience in sending and accompanying people in mission through all the necessary turmoil of mission has been incredibly useful to Ruth. Being part of the CMS community strengthens her and allows her to remain in place through many challenges including for example, droughts, floods, poor harvests or none at all, lack of clean water to drink and wash, HIV/Aids, malaria, lack of medical supplies and facilities, to name only a few.

Along with other churches at the time, we linked up with Dr Ruth more than 10 years ago, and have supported Ruth and her work through the church’s tithing, annual CMS Gift Day, and social fundraising.

Please find below the latest newsletter that we have received from Dr Ruth, this will give you lots of information related to her work and where the money we raise is being used.

CMS Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter April 2017





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