Livewires is our Sunday School for children between the ages of 3 and 11.  They meet during term time at 10am in the church hall on the first, third and fifth Sundays of each month.

The children are led by a team of faithful leaders who employ a number of methods to share God’s love and teachings with our children.  They sing, pray, act, make crafts, all in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Twice a month they join the Keystone Service, on the second Sunday at 10am and on the fourth Sunday at 11:30am.

Thinking about coming to church as a family, don’t worry, the children always come through to church for a blessing during communion services and we meet afterwards in the hall as a church family for tea, coffee, juice and biscuits.

Why not come and join us?

Livewires Report 2017


We had a lot of fun before the Summer Holidays and wanted to share it with everyone.

Firstly we had the chance to plant our own wildflower garden at the far end of the church car park. We worked with some of our church gardening team and had great fun planting our plants. We are so happy that they are growing well and making our car park a nicer place.

Secondly we had our annual day out to Southport, a day full of fun and laughter…..


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