Mission Aviation Fellowship

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St. Andrew’s have continued to support Mission Aviation Fellowship (Flying for Life) during the past year with their prayers and money.

Here are some facts which may surprise you about MAF last year:

  • Papua New Guinea, 12 aircraft flew more than10,000 flights.
  • Indonesia, 18 aircraft made more than 15,000 flights carrying 61,700 passengers.
  • Timor-Leste operate 2 GA8 Airvans. (40% of population live below poverty line.)
  • Arnhem Land, 10,624 flights carrying 19,423 passengers.
  • South Sudan flew in over 300 tonnes of cargo including food and medicines (Over 1 million refugees have fled that country since December 2013).

Other countries in which MAF operate include Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Angola, Lesotho, Marwwba (Australia).

If you would like any information or prayer sheets please let us know or speak to Simon Rennie.