St Andrew’s Church and Clergy are always ready to assist families in times of bereavement. The Clergy and Readers are all experienced at arranging and conducting funerals.

A death is always a sad and difficult time, but we are always willing to accompany people as they experience the death of a loved one. Of course as Christian’s we believe in the Resurrection of the dead through our Lord Jesus Christ and seek to offer this hope to everyone who is bereaved. In John’s gospel we hear Jesus teaching St Thomas that the key to eternal life is faith in Jesus as the Son of God and this hope informs our ministry.

Arrangements for funerals are normally made through a Funeral Director and the service can take place either in St Andrew’s Church or directly to the Crematorium. Whoever is conducting the service will normally arrange to visit the family prior to the service itself to confirm arrangements and offer support and prayer.

Accompanying people through the difficult time of bereavement is one of the core tasks of the church and we are pleased to be available to people when the need arises.